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VoJazz showcases student talent at concert
Published 3/27/2013 6:00:00 AM
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Student musicians take the stage for their spring concert on Thursday at 8 p.m. in Bryan Hall Theatre.

VoJazz, headed by Dean Luethi, an assistant music professor, features 11 singers, 3 instrumentalists and 2 graduate assistants. In their first concert of their own, Luethi said they have a chance to perform a larger repertoire.

“It's been designed so that the audience gets a really great understanding of what vocal jazz is at WSU,” he said.

The concert will feature different styles of music as well, including swing, blues swing, fast swing, slow swing, bee-bop and ballad-style acapella. The paces of the pieces will balance each other, said Luethi.

Chelsea Gilpin, who joined VoJazz five semesters ago after singing for a jazz group in high school, will perform a solo at the concert.

“I loved the style, so I was excited to perform at the college level and hone my skills,” she said.

For the upcoming concert, Gilpin said she likes to take a vocal rest in preparation for a performance.

“The week before a concert I look over my music every day and remind myself of the dynamics and arc of the piece,” she said. “However, vocal rest is also very important so I tend to take it easy with light rehearsals.”

She describes her solo, “Twisted,” as having personality and humor. Besides the song she’s performing, Gilpin said the performance will offer students a lot as well.

“Not only will it be entertaining but it can be a really great learning opportunity for students who do not know much about jazz music,” he said. “We are doing a pretty diverse collection of pieces for the concert. It should be really fun for the audience.”

Another solo performer, Connor Wolcott, a freshman kinesiology pre-med major, said jazz has always been a passion of his.

He also said the songs would be extremely diverse, offering something that should appeal to everyone.

“There aren't large sections of the same type of thing,” he said. “We try and keep it interesting as the concert goes on.”

These concerts provide an opportunity for Wolcott to tell a story with music.

“The goal of every musician is to get the audience feeling what you're feeling,” he said. “If you can accomplish that, it gives you such a high.”

Luethi said the concert will be a treat for the audience because of the variety of music they will perform.

“If you like jazz, if you like vocal music, if you like acapella vocal music, if you like close-harmony vocal music, you're really going to enjoy this concert,” he said. “It's some very talented students doing what they do best."

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