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Talent may actually matter in music charts of the future
Female artista re topping 2011's charts, and a fresh new set of talented groups show promise for the future.
Published 10/10/2011
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In a snapshot of the 2011, female artists are topping the charts, alternative hits are on the rise and artist collaboration shows success. Now let me tell you that I heard you’ve settled down, Robert’s got a quick hand but all you have to do is shoot for the stars.

During the few last weeks on Billboard’s Top 100, Adele’s “Someone Like You,” Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” and ”Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera are reining the top 3.

It’s always great to see a change of scenery in the top charts. So often, do we see that artists such as Katy Perry, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga … and etc demanding the airspace, hence the trend of female artists ruling the charts.

At No. 1 this week, “Someone Like You"has had download sales of 222,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It holds at No. 2 on Radio Songs with 123 million audience impressions and No.2 on the Adult Pop Songs Radio.

Senior music major Olivia Thomas said she is quite happy to see the new trends in music culture.

“I like Adele as a female artist just because she’s not like the other female artists like the Katy Perrys, Lady Gagas, Beyonces … even her look is totally different,” Thomas said. “When it comes to her music, I feel like subject wise, she has way more variety. With the exception of Beyonce, I think she has a better voice than most of those women.”

Adele’s album “21” was released last year and hosts a variety of soulful tracks.

“For someone to only be 21 and to write the songs she wrote on that album, is amazing,” Thomas said. “Her vocal tone is healthy and pure. I’ve never heard her sing live and be off. She doesn’t have to do a bunch of dance moves, synthesize and make it all popy. It’s soulful and it’s so good.”

Collaborative tracks among artists have been showing significant potential this year, and I for one am happy with this one.

The collaboration between Maroon 5 and Christina struck gold with their sexy, chart-topping throwback jam “Moves Like Jagger,” and it ranks in at No. 2.

“I love Maroon 5; they are my favorite band of all time,” Thomas said. “The transition they have gone through from ‘Songs of Jane’ to ‘Hands All Over’ shows three completely different albums since I started getting into them.”

Thomas said this was a perfect concept for a song.

“I like the concept, I love the lyrics but the video is what really set it off for me,” she said. “I liked how they have all the different Jagger wannabes in their dancing and had the clips of him dancing and his interview. Putting Christina on it, she has a beautiful voice, and I love her tone. It made the song. It’s a good song; I mean it is a top 40 pop song, but it’s one of the better ones if you ask me.”

Foster the People are quickly becoming one of my favorite groups. Their music is so much different than what I normally hear on the radio and “Pumped up Kick,” while slightly ominous, has a great beat. 

The current ratings on Billboard give me an inkling of hope that the popular trend in music may be hinting in a new and more positive direction, where music is focused on talent and originality rather than aesthetic value and looks.

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