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Sweet Mutiny offers space
Published 9/21/2012 6:00:00 AM
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Eight flavors of frozen yogurt line the wall as guests enter Sweet Mutiny. Just to the left, 60 different kinds of candies, chocolates, sauces and fruits await as customers satisfy their sweet tooth with sugary creations.

Jim Harbour, co-owner of Sweet Mutiny, said that froyo is a sweet treat that is becoming more popular and is something that has a demand in Pullman.

Harbour said that the combination of perceptions that froyo is healthy and that consumers can put anything they want on the treat is what it so appealing.

“Whether you go the fruit route or whether you go the all candy route, or whether you have a combination, you decide and no one has any input on what you do with it,” he said.

Harbour said that he has a family of his own and this is partly what inspired him to create a vision like Sweet Mutiny.

“We thought it would be nice to have somewhere to take our kids here locally, as well as offer the Pullman community and the WSU community a sweet treat in the form of frozen yogurt and toppings,” he said.

Brittany Hood, shift supervisor, said working at Sweet Mutiny has allowed her to interact with many people, both as customers and fellow employees.

"My favorite part is probably hearing and interacting with customers ... who are even visiting from other states and other countries, hearing them get really excited and asking questions about what we're selling and how much they like our product and talking to all kinds of people and meeting different people," Hood said.

Hood also said that the cupcakes and the employees at Sweet Mutiny are what set the shop apart from other froyo places around the Palouse.

“I haven't had much interaction with employees that work (at other froyo places),"she said."We're really helpful with trying to figure out what the customers wants and needs are.”

Harbour said that Sweet Mutiny is the vision the co-owners wanted to create, now it is a matter of recieving and providing support to the community.

“The vision we had was to create something that the community would want to support and the community would be proud of,” he said. “If you go to Sweet Mutiny, you'll notice that all the materials that we use there... they're not plastic and they're not temporary.”

The fire place, overstuffed chairs and café tables scattered around the floor make it condusive to meeting with people, studying or simply a break.

“We're here to stay,” he said. “People assume that this is a small town and that everybody just knows that we're there because we've been open for four months. My partner and I both live here in Pullman, have families here in Pullman, we'll be in Pullman for a long time. We are visionaries that this place will be a part of their upbringing and all the other students' upbringings and college experiences.”

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