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Students' fairytale dreams awarded
Published 3/5/2013 6:00:00 AM
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Danny DeRego/The Daily EvergreenSenior production majors, Michelle Kallman and Malia Jurick work in the studio Monday. Their show, Escaping Ever After won the Gracie Award for Outstanding Drama. Three fairy-tale princesses escaping their fates by hiding in Pullman have brought two WSU students a national award.

Michelle Kallman and Malia Jurick’s Cable 8 show Escaping Ever After has received the Gracie Award for Outstanding Drama.

Kallman, senior communications and broadcast production major, said the ABC show Once Upon a Time inspired her to pursue this show. She wanted to produce a scripted fairy-tale drama to air on Cable 8.

She presented her idea to Jurick, with whom she had worked on shows previously. Jurick, also a communications and broadcast production major, specializes in directing, editing and special effects. This provided a nice complement to Kallman’s interests in writing and producing, she said.

The show aired September, 2012.

Cable 8 Productions President and General Manager Spencer Kabelac said Kallman and Jurick are a seasoned and talented team.

The show’s plot covered three fairy-tale princesses hiding in Pullman to avoid the murderous author of their stories. With the help of a college student, the princesses avoid death.

“I think we won because it wasn’t a typical show you would see on a college station,” Kallman said. “It was really different.”

Jurick believes that their ambition and dedication helped as well.

“We worked with a mentor in Los Angeles who was very helpful,” said Jurick. “We were able to take the time to make it quality.”

Kabelac considers Kallman and Jurick the elite among the Cable 8 team.

“They are great planners,” he said. “They spent a ton of time shooting and produced great animation and special effects.”

Kabelac said not only is the award a testament to their work, but it also brings positive attention to Cable 8 Productions as a whole.

“Winning a national award is a great addition to the Cable 8 resume,” he said. “It helps us with things like pitching and recruiting.”

Kallman and Jurick are currently producing and directing the late night Cable 8 talk show, Hollywood Lights.

Gracie Awards are presented by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, which celebrates women in media who have made exemplary contributions to the industry.

The two plan to attend the Gracie Awards ceremony on June 26 in New York City.

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Posted: 3/5/2013 8:26:46 AM

Melinda Lee

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