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Patriots need to take a leap of faith and keep Tebow
Published 8/22/2013 11:00:00 AM
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Tim Tebow seems to have lost his cutting edge in the NFL.

Ranking 93rd of all quarterbacks in preseason games for the New England Patriots and executing only 26.3 percent of his passes according to leaves little room for argument that he is not comparing to his original level of play.

The Patriots likely won’t cut Tebow from their roster just yet. Regardless of how he’s playing at any particular time, Tebow is an icon in the football world, and he has stated he is confident in his place on the team.

“I’m just worried about improving every single day,” Tebow said in an interview with the Boston Herald.

Tebow is averaging 6.1 yards per carry for a total of 61 yards. He is currently a third-string quarterback.

According to ESPN, the Patriots have to decrease their roster from 84 players to 75 by Tuesday, then down to 53 on Aug. 31, and having three quarterbacks on the roster is not common for this team.

"You definitely want to do better in some areas, and also you have different things happen that you just try to handle the best way you can," Tebow said in an interview with ESPN.

Tebow has done extremely well under pressure in the past, which is an attribute that doesn’t come around every day. This makes the difference in win-or-lose situations.

If Tebow does stay on the team through these cuts, he will face an intense trial period. He’ll be expected to improve dramatically from how he has been playing during this preseason.

Tebow’s skills on the field have deteriorated, and it could be due to a number of reasons such as age, stamina, or the beating that football naturally inflicts on one’s body over time.

Whatever the reason, Tebow is a different player than seen in the past. He has always been controversial as a player, and if he is stays on the Patriot roster it will be his second chance. If he doesn’t improve quickly, he will get cut without question.

When Tebow was given his first chance in the NFL, he excelled. If Bill Belichick, head coach for the Patriots, gives him another chance to prove himself, it’s possible he’ll make a vast improvement. His fate with the Patriots is completely dependent on the Patriot’s coaches, and whether or not they are willing to take a leap of faith on their third-string quarterback.



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