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Letter to the editor: Boy Scout letter cheered discrimination
Published 6/19/2013 6:00:00 AM
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In his letter to the editor “BSA column equated love with acceptance,” Mr. Cox seemed to believe that “equal opportunity” means “everyone should be weighed on the same qualifications.” Unfortunately, his flawed understanding of equal opportunity omits quite a lot more than his simplistic grasp of the concept.

Moreover, I find his assertion that being gay is a “character choice” is a grotesquely inept comprehension of same-sex desire (to say nothing about human sexuality in general). He may think that “homosexuality is a choice” as much as he wants, but scientific research clearly refutes that unsophisticated, one-dimensional assertion.

Decisions that predictably and inexorably produce a discriminatory result, whether or not they originate through outright malice, remain discrimination.

To argue that allowing gay adolescents a place in Scouting automatically “approves” of same-sex desire is an epic display of ineptitude.

The author concludes by saying that it is possible to be both intolerant and loving. Clearly he fails to understand the definitions of either term, because if he did, then he’d recognize the inherent incompatibility between the two.

As a gay Eagle Scout, Brotherhood Member and former Assistant Scoutmaster and District Committee Member, I find such criticisms dangerously prejudiced. They jeopardize this monumentally important (but woefully inadequate) first step towards remedying the BSA’s historical legacy of discriminatory marginalization towards America’s gay and lesbian youth. Isn’t it time we moved into the 21st century?

Michael Johnson Jr., Ph.D.

Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies

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