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Letter to the Editor: Roller derby surpasses a mere spectacle
Published 4/2/2013 6:00:00 AM
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While scanning the Evergreen yesterday, I was very pleased to find that you decided to include the upcoming Roller Derby event taking place this Saturday on the calendar for April.

However, I was disappointed to find it listed in the “Performance Arts” section, as opposed to your “Athletics” section. This categorization is one that roller derby leagues across the nation have been battling since the sport’s resurgence in 2000.

Roller derby is no longer the spectacle your parents watched on television when they were younger. While there remains a fun, spirited element to the sport, I can assure you that the skaters are very much athletes, training several times a week to hone strategy, endurance and skill on the track.

If your editors, writers, or readers take issue with this, we invite you to try on some skates and gear at one of our practices to get a feel for what kind of sport we play.

This is no longer the WWE of roller skating. This is hard hitting, fast-paced, athletic prowess demonstrated by years of training from those you see on the track. If one of your writers decides to run a re-cap of our bout in the Evergreen next week, I look forward to reading it in the Sports section.

Morgan Sherwood, AKA Heck No Techno

WSU Alum, Rolling Hills Derby Dame

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Aedan Cohen

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