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Letter to the editor: Jumping to conclusions
Published 7/3/2013 6:00:00 AM
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In “Media turns fair juries into a myth,” Abigail Student was concerned about media influence on juries. In that case, she should not make false claims and assumptions.

She thinks that hate crimes are defined by numbers of blows. In fact, not all hate crimes are even defined by physical confrontations. Supporters of David Warner have been expressing concern with the social climate of campus, which is hostile to members of historically marginalized communities and creates a potential for hate crimes.

This is a context that jurors should know, regardless of what they read and hear in media.

She also accuses David of “flooding” headlines. Since he did not write those headlines, he did not flood them.

Moreover, Ms. Student should know better than to rest her verdict on a single person’s testimony.

As for the Zimmerman trial, Ms. Student already seems to know that jurors cannot be fair, that their verdict has been tainted. In other words, she has already rendered her verdict, placing herself above the mere gullible jurors. Does she really think she is as fair and wise as Henry Fonda’s character in “12 Angry Men”? Fonda brooded over the evidence, while Ms. Student jumps to conclusions based on single accounts.

To see unfairness in our legal system, she should examine the racialized prison population, or the racial profiling that, for many Americans, still defines justice and national security.

A member of the media herself, Ms. Student adds to the problem.

John Streamas

Associate Professor

Critical Culture, Gender and Race Studies

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