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Letter to the editor: New parking rule proves generosity
Published 5/29/2013 6:00:00 AM
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Last week’s opinion piece, “New Dunes parking policy is harsher than necessary,” was one of the most self-centered arguments I've ever read.

Does the writer honestly think the staff of the Army Corps of Engineers would be "considerably happier" if they allowed more people to visit the Dunes than the parking lots can hold? Does she think they'll be made happier by spending their time teaching students to pick up student-generated trash by enforcing community service-based fines, all the while using their budget (which is more limited every year) to rent more dumpsters to accommodate Cougar detritus?

The writer might be happier if they'd do this, but the Corps won't be.

Attention Cougs: The staff of the Corps of Engineers are not your parents. The Dunes are not your playground. This is a fragile natural area that was once Native American traditional homeland. Last year, students trashed it. This year, the Corps has very generously decided to keep it open but to enforce the legal holding capacity, yet this solution still bothers the writer.

The argument in this piece smacks of an infantile self-absorption.

Elizabeth Siler

WSU English department

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