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Letter to the Editor: Birth control mandate compromises beliefs
Published 4/17/2013 6:00:00 AM
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In his column “Insurance must cover contraception,” Matthew Kenyon suggested religious employers are forcing their beliefs on their employees. But let’s look at the facts: Employees can buy their own contraceptives. They don’t have to work for employers who disagree with their views on contraceptives.

Some respond that employers could become non-profits and be covered by a religious exception. But that would force a religious belief that opposes contraceptive use to the edge of society. It makes Catholics in particular social and economic pariahs and delegitimizes their desire to make a decent, honest living with their religious values intact.

Through the contraceptive mandate, thousands of employers who have built their businesses will be forced to either fund contraceptives for their employees or be forced to associate with a practice that they find morally reprehensible. Where’s the justice in that?

Employers are people too, and they’re being coerced into supporting, either directly or indirectly, a practice that they believe is wrong.

Imagine if Congress passed a safety mandate that every employer train and arm its employees with guns, despite employer objections. If objections to contraceptives fall, the same thing can happen to pacifism and other beliefs.

The mandate essentially says, ‘You are legally required to help employees acquire contraceptives, which you find objectionable. You have to play by our morality.’ Kenyon agrees, arguing that “the needs of society often trump personal morality.” Now we truly see who is forcing their morality on others.

Jaron A. Robinson

WSU Alumn, Class of 2010

Law Student, University of Idaho, Class of 2013

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