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Letter to the Editor: ASGSB demands reach past reason
Published 4/11/2013 6:00:00 AM
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I must start off by saying My prayers and well wishes go out to Dr. Warner and his family. However, I feel there are a few issues with the “demands” made by the American Studies Graduate Student Body in their piece on violence at WSU.
First, their demand for suspension or expulsion for people found to have information regarding the attack on Dr. Warner is extreme and unconstitutional. While one’s right to speak freely must be respected by a university, one’s right to not be compelled to speak also must be respected. This is a right upheld by numerous Supreme Court cases. A student could not be threatened with expulsion for exercising this right. This is not how our legal system nor our society works.
Second, WSU is an educational institution, not a law enforcement agency. One cannot expect, nor demand the university to dedicate funds or time to finding the parties responsible. This actually is the job of the Pullman Police department and our own campus police.
Lastly, the demand that Greek organizations and registered student organizations participate in diversity training programs is absurd. One, there is no proof that those responsible are connected to any Greek or other student organization. Two, the public reporting of those who do not attend said trainings would simply be public shaming. This would be a gross violation of privacy and could also violate federal educational privacy laws.
While the assault on Dr. Warner is tragic and I wish him and his family the best, the demands made by the ASGSB are extreme. Making demands that affect uninvolved groups and threatening witnesses who don’t come forward with expulsion is a vast overreaction grounded in emotion instead of logic.
Demands like more funding dedicated to patrolling the area surrounding Adams Mall on weekend, or more emergency beacons around campus would be more appropriate. With that said, again, my best wishes go out to Dr. Warner and his family.

Tyler Stantons
sophomore economic sciences

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