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Letter to the Editor: Sexuality shouldn’t be a divisive issue
Published 6/19/2013 6:00:00 AM
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In last week’s letter to the editor, John Cox’s argument could be boiled down to two major points: 1) It should be okay to deny someone membership of a group based on a “lifestyle choice” and 2) the individual did not want their kids to be exposed to a “wrong lifestyle” and be told that it is okay.

Though every individual is entitled to their opinions, an opinion doesn’t really carry a lot of weight when there are no facts to support it. For this reason, I found his argument unconvincing.

For one, there is no scientific evidence that supports the idea that sexuality is a “lifestyle choice”. According to the American Psychological Association “most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.”

It’s ridiculous to think that at some point in our lives we all have to make a choice to be gay or to be straight—to choose whom we are attracted to. It’s even more ridiculous to think that anyone would choose to be gay when doing so would mean willingly giving up rights and choosing to be a minority that is discriminated against and even hated by some religious groups.

If anyone is worried that his or her kids will be told that homosexuality is an okay and normal thing, then I would suggest taking those kids out of the Boy Scouts. Furthermore, I would suggest taking the kids out of public school and cutting them off from all Internet and cable access.

The worldview on homosexuality is changing, from one that is false and stigmatized to one that tells the truth about sexuality: that personal integrity, character and values are not determined by your sexual orientation.

Look around. On television, on the Internet, across the world and even in this community we find gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals that are no different than their straight counterparts. They build families, they support communities and contrary to conservative belief, they wholeheartedly support family values and diversity.

For students who envision the same type of future as I do—a future where people don’t care about your sexuality; a future where coming out is simply a matter of telling your friends and family that you’re dating someone of the same gender and then leaving it at that; a future where people don’t have to feel afraid or hate themselves because their sexual identity doesn’t line up with what society has deemed “right” or “wrong”—then I would strongly suggest you get involved in GLBTA.

GLBTA is a student-led committee dedicated to spreading awareness about the gender and sexually diverse and their allied students on WSU campus. Everyone is welcome to participate in GLBTA whether you are gay or straight. There is no pressure to identify because in GLBTA your sexuality doesn’t matter, what matters is your willingness to support and spread the truth about a community that is sadly still marginalized in our country.

Connor Wolcott

Chair of GLBTA Committee

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