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Letter to the Editor: Future success calls for a second language
Published 2/19/2013 6:00:00 AM
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The demographic of the United States is changing rapidly by the second. With the increase in demographic diversity, many Americans are unaware of the change, or unwilling to change with new time.

There are millions of animals in the United States. Many are considered household pets, agricultural animals or leisure animals. Within these categories, a demand for Spanish speaking veterinarians has unfolded.

With an average of one pet in every household and a major portion of animal handlers being of Hispanic origin, a new social dynamic has emerged due to the language barrier. This language barrier has resulted in communication issues and questions about what should be done to solve this growing demand.

One prominent thought is whether or not the United States should require immediate assimilation of immigrants through learning the English language before becoming a citizen, or if Americans should bring it upon themselves to learn a second language.

As a veterinarian, or any professional, it is expected that you will work with clients and colleagues from every ethnicity, nationality, and background. This expectation is what binds our culture together into one big and united community. Every American should learn a second language out of respect for their colleagues, peers, and clients in their career. Not only will you be showing respect, but you will be gaining respect, enriching your life, and so much more.

Lindsey Richmond,

freshman, animal science

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