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Letters to the editor March 28
Published 3/28/2012
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On Tuesday, Ralph Nielsen shared his idea that the word “abortion” is equivalent to the word “miscarriage” in a letter to the editor. He cited the National Library of Medicine’s website.

Even if we accept that equivalence, and we are all survivors of “abortion,” then Mr. Nielsen still overlooks Miss Jessen’s unique experience: she is the survivor of an attempted murder. Sure, we all may cheat death every day, but not so many of us have survived the intention of another person to cut off our life. And fewer still have managed to do that as a newborn. It is authentically rare to do it as one of the unborn, without a voice.

The word abortion conveys more than the word miscarriage: it means that another person purposefully intended to prevent another human life. It necessarily includes the desire to negate the existence of a child. In that light, abortion itself is a euphemism — it doesn’t sound as bad as murder, or manslaughter. But it really is the opposition of life, an affirmative human action that is meant to destroy an inconvenient version of the future. 

So scoff at Miss Jessen’s life if you want to, but realize that surviving an attempted murder is an empowering experience for her, and her faith has given her the strength to overcome the rejection she faced by her own mother.

Jaron Robinson
WSU alumnus, 2010


As of now the Alternative to Violence of the Palouse (ATVP) Necesseities drive is being hosted by HD 205, Green Dot and VDAY WSU, I am hoping to get more of the RSOs involved. The goal of this drive is to provide our local domestic violence shelter with much needed supplies. I feel that we as Cougars have the power to help and we as people who have mothers,sisters, cousins, neices friends and lovers NEED to help. A person never knows when the services that ATVP provides will be needed.

My challenge will be to WSU as a whole to get on board and help out in whatever way they can. ATVP is in need of non-perishable food items, house cleaning supplies and general and feminine hygeine products, as well as used cell phones.

Amalia Veliz
senior, psychology

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