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Letters to the editor March 21
Published 3/21/2012
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If I were a graduate student with entrepreneurial ambitions, I’d give my right arm to win the Singularity University scholarship contest that the WSU Graduate School is sponsoring. 

The chance to attend Singularity University is the kind of thing that entrepreneurs dream of. Actually, last year’s winner, materials science doctoral student Pavlo Rudenko, called it “more than anybody could dream of.”  

“People who go to Singularity University get more successful faster,” he explained. 

Singularity isn’t really a university. It’s the ultimate set of training wheels for wannabe technology leaders. For 10 amazing weeks, you rub shoulders with some of the most successful technology entrepreneurs in the world as they download their know-how directly into your brain. 

You arrive with an idea for harnessing technology to improve the lives of a million or so people. Then you leave with the tools to make your idea a runaway success. And the WSU Graduate School foots the bill. 

It doesn’t get any better than that.

Of course, only serious movers and shakers need apply. You have to be in the top one percent of your class. You have to be able to trumpet entrepreneurship or leadership skills on your resume. You have to have a burning desire to solve global challenges and the intellectual chops to translate all the guidance you receive into action.

The lynchpin is technology. The founders of Singularity University are the ultimate techno-altruists. They believe that technological innovations can make the world a better place. So they’re seeking out the best and brightest young technology innovators and showing them the way—all for the sake of the greater good. 

Traditionally, I think of a “scholarship contest” as a cash source — a few extra dollars to pay the bills on the way to a degree. This contest is the ticket to a lifelong cash source: an eye-opening, life-transforming summer in Silicon Valley. 

“It’s dreaming big,” says Rudenko. 

Don’t miss your chance. Apply by April 2. 

Christine Fry-Pierce
graduate assistant, WSU Graduate School

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