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Letters to the Editor April 30
Published 4/30/2012
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Newspaper ruined Druffel's reputation
I was appalled at the front page story that effectively threw Jared Druffel's good name under the bus. Rape is evil. Druffel has not yet been charged or arraigned for anything and you convicted him in the court of public opinion. I urge you to follow current events (Trayvon Martin) and realize the impact the press has on a human life. An "article" such as that has no place representing the same institution that Edward R. Murrow attended. For no specific author to claim ownership is downright cowardly. Druffel is a Pullman native who will be here long after your career decisions land you a desk job at the National Enquirer. When the truth is presented, you owe him an apology.
Did you know that there is a terrible conflict going on between Sudan and South Sudan? Nobody else does either because instead of reporting on actual events, The Daily Evergreen made the decision to engage in childish gossip and finger pointing. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty. Another great aspect of America is the freedom of the press, but with freedom comes great responsibility. 
You have stigmatized an individual, was it worth it?
Ben Emerson
WSU alumnus, 2011
Editor's note: No author was listed for that article because Evergreen policy regarding article length dictates any article less than 400 words with less than three sources is listed as "From Staff Reports."
Columnist once again misses the racism
It is clear that Ashley Fisher, just a freshman, is a legal and constitutional scholar to be able to talk about SB 1070.

One thing about Ms. Fisher, she knows how to insult. Perhaps she should become a science major where she can learn to form opinions based on facts and data. Her most recent opinion piece once again has a bit of racism.

On Friday's front page of The Spokesman Review there is an article entitled, “ACLU sues Border Patrol over traffic stops.” To quote Matt Adams, legal director of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, “People are being stopped based solely on their appearance and ethnicity.” 

As with her earlier column, in which she approved of the Florida law that led to the murder of a teenager, Fisher has concluded that there is nothing wrong with profiling. Too bad that she has received the entitlement of white privilege. Otherwise, she would know why the majority of police and sheriffs in Arizona are themselves opposed to SB 1070 in Arizona.

She asserts that the failed immigration policies are the fault of the Obama administration. Perhaps she was having too much fun in high school and missed out on all of the politics of the Bush administration and Republicans regarding immigration reform.

John F. Alderete
professor, School of Molecular Biosciences 

Joey Pacific deserves open seat on the senate


The ASWSU Senate-Elect made a huge mistake by not confirming Joey Pacific to the open seat. Pacific has shown through his work this year that he is exceedingly qualified for the position. Pacific has passed more bills and done more for the senate than anyone returning next year.

I suspect the reason Pacific was not appointed is because the returners — really the only influential voices on the new senate — were offended by the criticism that Pacific levied at ASWSU during his recent campaign for president. By not  confirming Pacific, the new senate has let down the student body and has proven exactly what Pacific and Samantha Hege were saying — ASWSU is an insider’s club, filled with people who think alike.

Our current student politicians clearly cannot take criticism and would rather go about doing things as they have always been done rather than let a qualified leader with a different perspective back into exclusive group.

Ryan Stewart
senior, physics

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Posted: 6/12/2012 6:36:01 PM

Donny Schell

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