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Letter to the Editor 2/24
Published 2/24/2012
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There are too few Blue lots on WSU campus


I have just read the complete list of changes proposed by the Parking and Transportation Task Force and I am very distressed at the proposal to change the Blue lot east of Beasley to Gray, eliminating 362 Blue parking spaces.

I have been a student and then a staff person at WSU since 1996. When I moved to Albion from Pullman in 1998, it became necessary to drive to campus, so I purchased a Blue pass. At that time there were at least two Blue lots that have since been converted to Red. One was behind the indoor practice facility between North and South Fairway, and the other was on Grimes Way where the steam plant is located.

This current proposed change seriously limits the remaining parking options for many staff and students whose limited incomes make Blue parking their only affordable choice, particularly those who live out of town or far from bus routes. The only lots available will be the Blue lots below Orton Field and on Grimes Way past Cougar Publications. These are already close to full on work days. The lots on Grimes Way are much farther from the central campus than Orton Field, and, with the demise of the Wheatland Bus service between Moscow and Pullman, are no longer even on a bus route.

I urge the Task Force to reconsider this change, or consider other options for those who rely on Blue parking. If an area for Blue parking, further from campus but on a bus route, could be found during the construction of the new dorm complex, that would certainly help.

Diane Curewitz
PhD 2008, anthropology
office assistant, Department of English

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