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Letters to the Editor 11/7
Published 11/7/2011
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Columnist drew the wrong conclusion regarding budget


Ashley Fisher correctly outlines the hardship that citizens of the state of Washington will face if Gov. Chris Gregoire's budget cuts pass. Shortfalls in government revenue are causing many different government programs that provide health care, assist the needy and fund higher education to lose out on state spending.

Ms. Fisher's solution is to put in a Republican governor who will not be afraid to lower taxes, thereby decreasing government revenue even further and causing the government to reduce its budget even further.

Wait, what?

Graham Dart
senior, music and economics

Drivers are not the only ones at fault; pedestrians not careful


Leah Baird wrote about the face-off between drivers and pedestrians when they come head-to-head on the WSU campus, but she forgot to mention that pedestrians are not doing all they can to avoid being hit by a vehicle in a crosswalk. She did make some very good points, even reminding drivers of the laws, but I find it troublesome that many pedestrians seem to think that drivers will always magically see them entering traffic.

As a frequent driver I am constantly frustrated by pedestrians, especially at night. When it is dark and there are few street lights, it always seems that pedestrians jump into crosswalks without looking, that they are also wearing black and they seem to rarely use the flashing lights that are installed at many cross walks. I thought these flashing lights were an ingenious idea when I first saw them, but people rarely use them. This is a problem.

I encourage pedestrians to take extra precautions at any time of day. Wait to get an acknowledgement from drivers that you are seen, stop texting and be aware of your surroundings. And please use the flashing lights. Be aware and make yourselves seen to help prevent accidents.

Donny Schell
senior, communication 

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