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Letters to the Editor 11/4
Published 11/4/2011
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The ridealongs are among the best articles on the front page


Calli Schroeder wrote to say that Pullman PD ridealongs do not belong on the front page, saying, "Please spare me these mundane tales of college stupidity ... I would much rather find news in my newspaper." Schroeder seems not to have realized that the Daily Evergreen is a college newspaper. It is written by college students, and its intended audience is primarily also college students. Tales of college stupidity are on-point and relevant to that audience's daily lives. Most college students are not old enough to have "heard them all before."

The ridealongs are among the best Daily Evergreen articles because they represent completely original reporting. Most "news" these days, especially that of the "recent facts, statistics, or ... case-by-case examples" variety espoused by Schroeder, is created by someone re-writing something that someone else already re-wrote. I am glad that the Daily Evergreen encourages its reporters to actually go out and gather information from the real world.

K. Devin McIntyre
Moscow resident 

Editorial Board used interesting logic regarding I-1183


Thank you for the editorial on I-1183. I find your argument quite odd, however.
Suppose there were another initiative, I-WXYZ, that proposes to close all grocery stores and replace them with state-run food centers. I imagine firms like Safeway, Costco, Walmart and IGA would spend millions and millions to prevent that from happening. But according to your argument on I-1183, you would support the closing of corporate grocery stores in favor of state run grocery stores (where prices are set and not competitive, etc). And the reason you support that is only because the fact that firms would lobby against it is evidence to you of merit? Would you then support state-run stores selling everything?
Very interesting argument.

Andrew Cassey
professor, School of Economic Sciences

Looking for a group catering to the significant others of soldiers


WSU hosts many great clubs (both interest and academic) and support groups. However, one group I have yet to see on campus is a military support group for the significant others of our armed forces.

I am a junior transfer student here at WSU majoring in mathematics education. My boyfriend is an active duty Army infantryman stationed at Ft Drum, New York. He is deploying to Afghanistan next year. I am writing this letter in hopes that other military SO's in the WSU community will see this and we can form a sort of unofficial group on campus to get together and meet people with similar experiences.

If you are reading this and would like to meet up to get to know others sharing this experience, please email me at

Kelsey Buckles
junior, mathematics education 

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