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Letters to the Editor 11/29
Published 11/29/2011
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New Stadium Renovation fee being tacked on is too much


It has come to my attention that WSU has instituted a Stadium Renovation fee: $25 per semester for undergraduates. As a graduate student, I am not personally affected by this change. But as a concerned member of WSU, I am deeply troubled by this and other recent financial announcements.

Students, faculty and staff at WSU know we are in a financial crisis and have endured its consequences: increased class sizes, merged or eliminated programs, faculty and staff layoffs and higher tuition. But for the Board of Regents and other officials, it appears they believe this is a great time to add unnecessary luxuries to our school and add additional fees to struggling students.

I understand that the $50 per year Stadium Renovation fee is not that expensive, but consider this: During the Nov. 18 meeting that approved the $80 million stadium renovation, the Regents also approved a 4.5-percent increase in Residence Hall Housing/Dining and a 3-percent increase for University apartments for next year as reported in The Moscow-Pullman Daily News. This does affect me, raising my WSU apartment costs by about $20 per month, a yearly increase of $240. Of course, all our tuition will most likely be raised again, as well. These increases quickly add up. 

It seems the decision-makers at WSU are not making choices that help students succeed. How can I tell my younger friends and family to come to WSU? These developments are very unsettling.

Marc Robinson
graduate student, American studies

Dad's Weekend does not feature a bias toward sports


WSU is one of the only universities in the state that has a Dad’s Weekend, and it is a great tradition. Dad’s Weekend is a time for students to show their dads what they have been doing all semester and to show them what WSU is all about. Almost every single event that happens on Dad’s Weekend is put on by the students, as it should be. The Hawaiian Club put on a luau, Nuthouse put on a comedy show, the School of Music put on a number of events and the Ski Team put on the annual Warren Miller ski movie.

The movie was not put on as part of a Dad’s Weekend sports conspiracy, as Leah Baird alleged on Nov. 18, but because the WSU Ski Team wanted to raise funds for the upcoming season while enjoying a great movie with their dads. If you want to see a different movie, then try the movie theater or Netflix. If you want a charity dance, then put it on yourself.

And for the record, “going downhill fast” is called skiing, and according to UREC, skiing is, in fact, a sport.

Kelsi Lakey
sophomore, civil engineering
WSU Ski Team treasurer

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