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Letters to the Editor 11/28
Published 11/28/2011
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YWC's ideas already proven as unmarketable in America


Inclusion in the marketplace of ideas does not equal acceptance. Nor does freedom of speech equate to freedom from criticism. By pressing ideas, even though they hide them in code words/phrases against multiculturalism/sexuality/etc., that studies and legislation have revealed to be viewed by Americans as overwhelmingly racist and bigoted, the WSU Youth for Western Civilization group had to know that their ideas are not marketable.

Arguments for exclusion of segments of the population from the rights granted to them under the U.S. Constitution, even by indirectly arguing that privileged white, suburban, straight males are discriminated against, have long been generally agreed upon to be invalid. Furthermore, the predictable rebuttal to the criticism of its yearly acts of intolerance, as in the letter published on Nov. 18, espouses rhetoric of self-victimization that clearly shows the YWC members subconsciously understand they are in the wrong. Nevertheless, they make appeals for attention in order to satisfy a group need to feel as if something is being accomplished and their existence somehow valid.

What is next, a racist symbol such as a fence along the mall on campus coordinated with the College Republicans in conjunction with quotes and letters in the The Daily Evergreen about why multiculturalism is so bad? Oh wait, that is in the spring, isn't it?

Damian Ramirez
graduate student, Dept. of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs

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