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Letters to the Editor 11/2
Published 11/2/2011
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Recipe columnist did not present a true'Paleo'recipe


I would like to respond to Amanda Guay's recipe column and to her "Paleo" fudge recipe. First, I want to comment on her abridged version of Paleo "no carbohydrates ... and no sugar." That is absolutely not what Paleo is about. The T-shirt saying for Paleo is "no grains, no dairy, no legumes." The point of the Paleo diet is to make what you eat count and to not offend your body. No grains does not mean no carbs. It means that for the majority of humans existence we did not eat grains, and that grains do damage to our intestines (think celiacs disease, IBS, cancers, etc.). I eat plenty of carbs in the form of nutrient dense foods such as squash and sweet potatoes. To just say "no carbs" grossly misrepresents what Paleo is all about.

In regards to the actual recipe, that fudge is absolutely not Paleo. A benefit of the Paleo lifestyle is insulin control, and while honey can be considered Paleo, that amount of honey would create a significant spike in one's insulin. Honey is a rare treat to be enjoyed in moderate quantities. Back to the T-shirt sayings, "I don't eat crap" is another widely used Paleo mantra. Dutch processed cocoa powder does not agree with this. Dutch processed cocoa is treated with alkali (to mellow the flavor), which also reduces the antioxidant levels (strike two) and most conventional brands are sterilized with propylene oxide, a probable human carcinogen (and strike three).

If anyone is serious about being Paleo, I would suggest they do not add this fudge to their recipe book. You cannot just Google "Paleo recipes" and assume every result is truly Paleo. I would like to commend and encourage the author on her choice to become Paleo, but advise readers that Paleo is not a quick-fix diet. Paleo is a lifestyle.

Courtney Felt
junior, mechanical engineering


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