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Letters to the Editor 11/18
Published 11/18/2011
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The Odyssey is not the best, but it is still a worthwhile publication


I recognize that Brian Sørensen's column was an opinion piece, but I cannot help but wonder how much he really knows about the Odyssey.

Sørensen's piece would have been a lot stronger if you had interviewed any of the editors or contributing writers of the Odyssey – or even any members of the Greek community, especially members of the Panhellenic Council and the Interfraternity Council. You even admit that you were not bothered to look at who was funding it.

The Greek community as a whole recognizes that the content is not an accurate portrayal of Greek life and tends to be pieces with little allusion to “the dark side” that Sørensen writes about. However, the editors and contributing writers are responsible for the content, not the Greek community as a whole. Some of the things The Odyssey failed to mention, in addition to the unfortunate story of Chad Heffelfinger’s and Ben Kapler's individual falls, are the Arete Awards (recognizing Greek men and women of excellence), the fantastic academic spring 2011 semester the Greek community had (Greek members earned an average GPA of 3.08 while the all-campus GPA was 3.06) and the various programs the Greek community attends each semester with guest speakers addressing drugs and alcohol, sexual awareness and hazing as well as Greek specific programs such as member development.

The Odyssey may not be the most intellectual publication (two articles focusing on Facebook, really?) but it still contributes to Greek life in its own right and deserves a spot on every kitchen table on Greek Row.

Kelsey Rock
junior, digital technology and culture

YWC is merely participating in the marketplace of ideas


Straight pride, first off, is not about hatred or oppression of a certain segment of the population. It is about equality. It is saying that if one side can have a month, why not the other?
I am not going to respond to most of the accusations that have been leveled at our group during the last few days because most of them are not fit to print. I am not going to try to start a war of words with the fine people who did write in and said things about our organization. My actions speak louder than my words ever could. Instead, I will talk about the marketplace of ideas.
For those of you who do not know what the marketplace of ideas is, it is a theory that says if we let all ideas out into the open for free and fair discussion and debate, then the truth will invariably arise from it. This idea is based on the Socratic method and during the course of history has been espoused by professors across the world, including a great many here at WSU.
In the end it is about equality - what we as a society have been hearing about for the last decade. If they get a month, shouldn't we get one as well? If someone gets benefits because of their race, gender or sexual orientation, then society cannot be fair unless the offer is extended to all. Is that so wrong?
Lucas Barker
VP of Youth for Western Civilization, WSU Branch
senior, communication
The opinion section is too opinionated and biased
Reading Thursday's opinion page and seeing such a clear bias in the editor's political views is quite sickening. Every single opinion about the YWC has been negative and breeding more hate – the single thing the opposition claims to want to end but yet they keep breeding it while yelling at others. I honestly do not care about Straight Pride Month nor Gay Pride Month. I find them equally useless and only around to make political organizations look like they understand the common people.
This dribble you have allowed once again into our newspaper is a sin against journalism and you are proving why no one takes this paper seriously.
Robert Lind
WSU alum, 2011

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