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Letters to the Editor 10/26
Published 10/26/2011
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Columnist generalized Americans' views


To start off with, I am not in complete disagreement with all the opinions stated in Taylor Kowalski's column on pro-life supporters. The issue of abortion is something that I have struggled to establish my own beliefs about, which I am still uncertain. That is not the reason for my writing. I wish to instead contest one of the bases behind the opinion stated in the title of the column: “Most ‘pro-life’ supporters are hypocrites.”

The main evidence given in support of the column's claim was summarized in the following quote: “The broad-based American public has no problem with committing a criminal to death, or sacrificing the life of a mother, but it advocates for the unborn,” (in this case, the “broad-based American public” is considered to be pro-life). The problem I have with this statement is the comparison between the criminals who receive capital punishment and the unborn. To say that there is an inconsistency between executing murders but allowing an unborn child who has yet to commit any crimes to live is based on faulty logic.

I do not write this to express my own opinions on any of the political issues discussed in the column or to criticize the author of the column personally, but merely to question the logic behind applying a mass stereotype to a large group of people. I hope that my writing will be taken as such.

Curtis Walton
junior, mechanical engineering

Homecoming is our opportunity to shine


As a graduate of WSU, I was shocked by the suggestions of a couple of opinion writers that we schedule weaker teams for Homecoming. In the field of running, you go to Oregon to see if you are a good runner. We are a world-class university, and it should not matter who we play at Homecoming. We should not be afraid to play the very best. Beating the very best collegiate teams will only prove that our school is world class. 

Michael Jones
alumnus, 1969

Give the IT department a break; they work hard


Michael Cronin begins his column by talking about his Internet woes from last year, but then follows up by saying he feels the speeds are better on campus this year. Seems like he has already acknowledged that the IT department is making the improvements that he wants to see. He follows this brief Internet-on-campus introduction by talking about the major networking outage we had on campus last week. He proceeds to act as though providing reliable networking to the students on campus is not a priority to the IT department. I think this is disrespectful to the people who work very hard every day to provide the reliable networking he wants. On top of that, it does not appear that Cronin even contacted the IT department to find out more about the outage before writing this column.

Outages happen. Even my off-campus Internet provider, Time Warner, has had a major outage during this semester. Cronin's idea for creating some type of "better" network for students who want to pay more is just nonsense. For starters, just the cost of setting up a completely separate network would be incredibly expensive.
The IT department does a very good job of providing Internet to tens of thousands of people on campus every day through a variety of means. Give the IT department credit for what they do, and always remember during any networking outages on campus that sometimes things just break and that there are people working as hard as they can behind the scenes to get things working again.
Derek Held
senior, computer science 

Pro-life supporters are too hasty


Though I am unaware of the column to which Jaron Robinson refers to in yesterday's letter to the editor, I find fault with his rebuttal. I agree with him when he says that "the loss of any human life is the repeated tragedy of our existence." However, I find he is stating this for the wrong reasons.

Many "pro-life" advocates tend to focus too much on the unborn child and not enough on the mother. No one actually wants or longs to have an abortion. An abortion procedure is an incredibly traumatic and scarring event to go through. Robinson's letter ignores the very reason why women have abortions. It is not simply to be spiteful or malevolent, but because most of these women are unfit to raise a child either emotionally, physically, financially or any combination of such. I would much rather a woman abort a fetus than be forced to develop it into a child, only to have to raise the youth in an unfit environment.

People with opinions similar to Robinson often make judgements too hastily. No one on this Earth is "pro-abortion." Instead of focusing on abortion, we as a nation should be focusing on the problems that force women to seek out these procedures – poverty, unemployment, institutionalized racism, etc. These are the real issues that need to be solved – the ones that the abortion debate often sadly overshadows.

Scott Wiseau
Moscow resident 

Vote Al Sorensen for County Commissioner


Exactly three years ago, my family and I moved from Spokane to Pullman. During our transition, one of the first Pullman residents that reached out to welcome us was Al Sorensen.

During the past three years, our family has come to call Pullman home because of people like Al Sorensen. I have had the pleasure to work with Al on several Pullman community activities including the Palouse Cougar Club, kid’s activities and Chamber functions. Our family has learned that Al is a hard worker, great listener, compassionate and caring person and continues to maintain a “get it done” attitude. These are the characteristics that we want and expect from our Port of Whitman County Commissioner.

Please join me in supporting Al Sorensen with your vote for the position of Port of Whitman County Commissioner, District 3.

Chud J. Wendle
Pullman resident 

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