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Letter to the Editor 1/27
Published 1/27/2012
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Former VP is upset at current senate


I believe the overturning of Riley Myklebust's veto of the bill misleadingly titled the "ASWSU Involvement and Accessibility Act" is a terrible idea and an attempt at a power-grab by the ASWSU Senate. 

It is the senate's job to approve the appointments of the ASWSU president, not to dictate how they are selected. This bill creates unnecessary red tape and is a definite time waster. If a president wants to select a certain person for a position, he will, regardless of how many people apply. This new bill just gives applicants false hope of getting a position.

Also, often times there are students who help shape a ticket's platform, keep the ticket organized during campaigning and is essentially a hidden third-leg of a ticket during an election. A random student going against a third-leg of a ticket holds no chance.

If the senate wants students to get involved and for ASWSU to be more accessible, work on getting students involved early in their academic careers so that when the president and vice president start thinking about their cabinet, these students are already in mind instead of meeting the president and vice president for the first time in an interview for a position they will never get. I strongly urge the ASWSU Senate to reverse their legislation.

Joshua Meyer 
ASWSU Vice President 2010-2011

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