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Letters to the Editor 1/20
Published 1/20/2012
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Manning deserves the praise


I would like to comment on Zach Fetaru’s column about overpaid athletes. Most of the selections on the list are logical ones, Peyton Manning being the sole exception.

An overpaid athlete is the one that signs a large, long-term contract and then fails to perform to the level that he is expected to. Big contracts lead to big expectations, and big expectations lead to big disappointments if they are not met (see Chris Johnson). But in order for a given player to be considered overpaid, he needs to be performing poorly during games, which means he needs to be playing.

This brings me to my main point. Peyton Manning does not deserve to be on this list because the guy has been out with an injury the whole season. One cannot perform poorly if one does not play. I completely understand the author’s point about Manning's large salary and him being very little help to the team on the field. But this is the NFL we are talking about. Football players get injured all the time, and unless it is a self-inflicted, stupid injury (see Plaxico Burress) people usually do not blame players for getting injured. It is the nature of the game.

All Manning did was bring a franchise up from obscurity, win a championship and set numerous records along the way. I would say overpaid is the last thing Manning is. The fact the Colts had such a poor season without Manning actually proves he is worth the money he is getting paid.

I am not a big supporter of Manning at all, but reason had to have its day.

Philippe Mouzytchenko 
WSU alumnus

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