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Letters to the Editor 10/4
Published 10/4/2011
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There was a column posted on Sept. 30 that described the revolutionary use of basketball shorts as a fashion statement. Athletic shorts are not a recent trend. To the contrary, I see this as another example of U.S. fashion severely lagging behind the rest of the developed world.  

I consider athletic shorts the style for everyone who does not know how else to dress themselves. In my opinion, their function should be limited to comfortable leisure around the house (similar to a bathrobe) or wearing to the gym (similar to a spandex shirt).

Contrary to Chelsea Gilpin's statements, I have, perhaps more astutely, observed how shorts are becoming progressively shorter as they were a few decades ago. It is not uncommon for men's shorts to stop above the knees nowadays. I find it infinitely more comfortable than long, baggy clothes (more indicative of the trend from 1990s through 2005). Baggy clothing makes me feel like I am hiding my body in clothes two sizes too large.  
I would argue that an interviewee who thinks that basketball shorts and sweatpants are "stylish" is not your best resource. Personally, the "just out of bed" look is getting old (and borderline offensive; could you at least shower?) and denotes only lethargy.


Ky Kamolz
senior, Chinese

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