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Letter to the Editor March 30
Published 3/30/2012
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Gianna Jessen part of a fortunate minority


Am I guilty of portraying abortion as a "Frankensteinian nightmare rather than as the safe, legal medical procedure that it really is"? If I am right that personhood begins at conception, then abortion is arguably the greatest mass murder of people the world has ever known.

Nikkole Hughes' letter to the editor suggested that abortion is now "safe" and "legal." Its legality is not in question. The "safety" aspect needs scrutiny. It was not safe for Gianna Jessen. It may be safe for pregnant women, I do not know, but that question can only be answered fairly after we determine when personhood begins.  

Hughes said that "Jessen’s mother underwent the rarely-used method of instillation abortion back in the 1970s ... before a comprehensive and safe procedural culture had been established among the nation’s abortion providers." At least implicit in her statement is the assertion that, had a "safe procedural culture ... been established" at the time of Gianna's failed abortion, then she would not have survived. What do you do with Gianna — the person who should not exist had the abortionist been successful.

Hughes said, "90 percent of abortions occur within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy — well before a fetus is considered viable out of the womb." Who cares? So she is saying if it is not a person, rip that tissue limb from limb. "Only 1.5 percent of all abortions are late-term." So what, would you remove the right to those late-term abortions?

I agree that Gianna "does not represent the biological and medical realities of the vast majority of women's experiences with abortion." She survived. She was supposed to die. She is representative of a tiny minority, but a minority that is no longer content to remain quiet.

Rusty Olps
Sabbath House Services, Inc. 

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