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Letter to the Editor April 20
Published 4/20/2012
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CAFE would provide lots of savings


Corrine Harris did not finish her math in the column "CAFE will make vehicles too expensive." She explains that the average family spends more than $3,100 a year on gas, and with the new standards that would save them $1,600 a year. She leaves it at that.

Who keeps a car for one year? Our family keeps cars for more than ten years. So if I was saving $1,600 a year, that is a savings of $16,000 during the life of the car — more than paying for the $3,000 increase in the cost of the car. You would only need to keep the car for two years to save the extra $3,000 you are saving.

Gas prices are only going to keep going up, thus making it even more important for high fuel efficiency.

Colleen McHugh
WSU alumna, 1985

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