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Letter to the Editor 10/27
Published 10/27/2011
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The Health and Wellness Center is for WSU students' health. Health and Wellness provides us consultation on health and safety issues at WSU. Not only that, when we get sick, we can go to Health and Wellness to see a doctor and get some medicine.

Unfortunately, Health and Wellness center's clinic hours are only 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays. It does not open at all on Sundays. What if we get sick after clinic hours or on Sundays? Some students have cars, but there are many students who do not have cars. It is not easy to go see a doctor or get medicine without a car, especially when we are sick. Even though there is a 24-hour telephone nurse service, how can you help us through phones?

I know it is hard to keep Health and Wellness open for 24 hours a day. But can you at least extend clinic hours a little longer? After the regular office hours, not many doctors and nurses are needed. Just one or two would be fine for emergencies. It would be very helpful for students.

Boeun Lee
freshman, international business


I could not help but to respond to Scott Wiseau's rebuttal to Jaron Robinson's letter to the editor. I myself have had a DNC done because of a fetus dying and not expelling naturally. I have a very hard time passing this issue up.

I myself am pro-life and I feel that what Robinson was referring to was women in general using abortion as a form of birth control. There are several ways to keep from getting pregnant in the first place and if they are failing to take precautions then they are not only not ready for a child but not ready for sex. Even people without jobs, in a bad situation can seek birth control through Planned Parenthood. There are also other options they can take, like adoption. Millions of people spend millions of dollars trying to conceive.

My point is this: The "fetus" did not ask to be born and did not ask to be killed. If people are taking care of their business and taking proper precautions, and an accident still happens, think about other options first before jumping to abortion. They were put into place for a reason and birth control was not one of them. So before a man can jump in and talk about child birth, maybe they should evaluate their acts as well, wrap their Johnson and be more responsible while engaging in sexual activities because they are just as much responsible as the women are. Just saying.

April Thivierge
Pullman, resident 


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