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Newt Gingrich is too unethical to be president
Multiple marriages, an affair and 84 ethics charges add up to Newt Gingrich being too immoral to be president.
Published 3/7/2012
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Courtesy of Gage Skidmore under Creative CommonsNewt Gingrich speaking at the Western Republican Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.Super Tuesday has come and gone, so now is the perfect time for The Moral Compass to analyze another candidate’s moral/ethical principles. Today we look at the man who won Georgia on Tuesday, Newt Gingrich.

Is Gingrich a moral/ethical candidate for president?

Of course not. End of discussion.

The man has gone through three wives. He divorced his first wife while she was laid up in a hospital with cancer. Gingrich has tried to put the blame on his first wife, but court documents show that she wanted to prevent the divorce.

During his second marriage, Gingrich would go on to have an affair with a House of Representatives staff member who was 23 years younger than him. This affair continued all through the impeachment proceedings of President Bill Clinton, who was accused of covering up an affair with (wait for it) a staff member.

Even before the hypocrisy of the Clinton impeachment, Gingrich was being investigated by the House Ethics Committee. During his reign as Speaker of the House, 84 ethics charges were filed against Gingrich.

The states of South Carolina and Georgia might feel differently, but Gingrich is not a moral candidate for president.

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