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New scoreboard a possibility
Published 6/12/2013 6:00:00 AM
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The newest additions to Martin Stadium and the Cougar Football Project could include the installation of a new scoreboard on the east side of the stadium.

Matt Almond, general manager of Washington State IMG Sports Marketing, said a new scoreboard would certainly be one way to enhance the gameday experience for fans, alumni and students.

"Improvements are always wanted but they have to fit into our business model, and the objectives of the athletic department, and that’s what we continue to explore," Almond said in an email to the Summer Evergreen.

In addition, Almond said the end goal of IMG, the multimedia rights holder of WSU, will be to connect their corporate partners with fans by creating a fan-centric environment.

Mike Marlow, deputy director of WSU Athletics, said the newest scoreboards installed at BCS level programs include upgraded audio and graphic capabilities.

"The department would not be purchasing a new scoreboard," Marlow said in an email to the Summer Evergreen. "But we are hopeful that our media rights partner is able to justify the expense of a new scoreboard by virtue of the additional inventory that would be available to them."

Marlow added that the athletic department wants to get to the point where students and fans alike can be more actively engaged in the game.

Marlow said the current scoreboard is relatively functional, but the department will look at numerous ways to improve fan and student in-venue experience in Martin Stadium.

Chris Lecy, sales coordinator of Daktronics, Inc., the company which installed a light emitting diode (LED) video display and scoreboard in Bailey-Brayton Field in 2010, said the company is aware of a bid for a new scoreboard.

However, Marlow said nothing is finalized at this point as any discussions primarily involve IMG, and potential vendors.

"What we currently don’t have is a system that provides the type of connectivity for fans to participate through their devices," Marlow said. "Additionally, our in-game presentation needs to be more fan and student-centric in approach."

Every year, the goal is to provide the ultimate fan experience, which Marlow described in one word as "interactive."

"The athletic department needs to seize every opportunity to make sure fans and students are aware that they can be the difference in games," Marlow said.



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