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Mike Leach's Twitter ban highly lenient
Published 11/8/2012 6:00:00 AM
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In response to Mr. Kenyon’s misguided condemnation of football Head Coach Mike Leach’s Twitter ban, I’d like to point out that Leach was actually being incredibly lenient in levying a ban and only warning the students in question.

The University Standards of Conduct, which the football team has to abide by, forbids discrimination based on sex or race.

Discriminatory speech that was so obscene it was unable to be published, according to The Daily Evergreen, most certainly falls under that category.

Leach therefore, would have been perfectly within his right to apply the outlined sanctions of “suspension, probation, or dismissal from the squad and nonrenewal of athletic financial aid, as outlined under University, Pac-10, and NCAA rules.”

Given that Leach could have easily investigated and dismissed the athletes, he showed incredible leniency in merely forbidding their further violation of the standards of conduct.

Mr. Kenyon should therefore be aware that the Twitter ban was probably the lightest punishment Coach Leach could have inflicted without appearing to dismiss the issue of the racist and misogynistic tweets outright.

Austin Peasley,
Senior genetics and cell biology major

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