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Letters to the Editor 9/8
Published 9/8/2011
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Light Up the Night owes success to students


On August 17, 2011, New Student Programs and ASWSU sponsored the event Light Up the Night on the plaza in front of Todd Hall. I want to congratulate Kellie Murphy, Assistant Director of New Student Programs, and Riley Myklebust, ASWSU President, on a job very well done. I would estimate nearly 2,000 students attended this event that stretched into the early morning hours. There is another person who deserves a big round of applause and that is Fatiya Kadir Dire, a new freshman from Seattle. Of the thousands of students who attended this event, Fatiya is the only student who stayed to help with the clean-up efforts. While others milled around in groups watching, she saw that help was needed and stayed until the job was done. Of the 4,000-plus new freshmen, she truly stands above the crowd. Thank you, Fatiya.  

Meghan C. Levi

Graduate Assistant, New Student Programs


Students choosing their own names is not racist


I am wondering if you could further explain how foreign-born students choosing second names on their own accord is racist? I agree that the statement made by the politician Betty Brown was racist, stating that Asians should adopt names that are "easier for Americans to deal with." I agree that any social or political institution that encourages such name changes would consitute racist, or at least racially-biased, attitues. Your article, however, seemed to give the impression that the actual taking on of a second name by choice is racist. You also appeared to hint that WSU as an institution was somehow a part of this racist practice. Please provide a more cogent argument and some more facts, perhaps in a follow-up opinion piece. Thank you.

Michelle Kistler

WSU Doctoral Alumnus, 2011



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