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Letters to the Editor 9/19
Published 9/19/2011
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I am writing in regards to Friday's article about the proposed merger between the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Sciences. I could not help but note that the entire article only quoted liberal arts professors, who largely seemed afraid that "cold" and "dehumanizing" scientists would overrun their departments.

In reality, the College of Liberal Arts is significantly larger than the College of Sciences, and there are about three times as many certified undergraduates in the liberal arts than in sciences. Even if the dean of the merged colleges came from the College of Sciences, he could hardly ignore the concerns of the majority of students in the merged college.

Frankly, I am a little disturbed that this article seemed intent on demonizing the sciences. It looks like the real problem with the proposed merger would be that some liberal arts professors have too big a persecution complex to work with others.

Cara Davis

junior, mathematics


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