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Letters to the Editor 10/3
Published 10/3/2011
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I found the following employment ad on Craigslist for Pullman/Moscow dated September 29:

"Bikini espresso stand opening up near Campus. Open availability and 6 months experience required. Must be bubbly, friendly and outgoing. This is a Bikini/Lingerie stand so you must be comfortable working in that attire. Send resume and picture along with why you deserve this job. Interviews will be next week and planning to open middle/late October."

I attended WSU as a post-baccalaureate student in 2003-04. I found the young women on campus to be intelligent, engaging and self-confident. Why must our culture continue to degrade young women and perpetuate the age-old notion that women exist to satisfy the shallow, unevolved desires of shallow, unevolved men? Yes, the hiring manager may be a woman, but clearly the audience is intended for men.

Wake up. Around the world, women are raped and killed on a daily basis for voting, driving, showing any amount of skin and walking unaccompanied on the street. Women in developed countries are, shamefully, paid less than their male counterparts. Yet scientists have proven that women have more complex brains and a far superior ability to communicate, cooperate and build a sense of community.

Stick up for yourselves, young ladies. Stand on the shoulders of the all progressive, gutsy, beautiful, intelligent women who have paved the way for you to vote, to go to college and to earn a living. Continue the legacy, do not degrade it.

Find your voice in college, and it will be with you forever. Draw a line of integrity for yourselves, your future daughters and sons and your generation. Protest the opening of this degrading business.

Donna Duvall
WSU alumna


Standardized testing is paramount to college acceptance in the United States. Besides acceptance, there is an additional linear relationship between test scores and scholarship opportunities. Due to the significance of standardized testing in the United States, it is important that these tests are fair assessments of all students.

The designs of these tests are less pristine than they appear. Take the Advanced Placement tests many college freshmen are familiar with: the majority of the test developers, proctors and assayers are presumably white, middle-class men. The magnitude of this deception is more far-reaching than most people are willing to admit. Many Americans feel uncomfortable addressing racial prejudices that seem like historical events, but what if the type of material you were exposed to in high school because of your race, living environment or cultural region differed from that of your AP or SAT, and therefore marginally reduced your chances at attending WSU?
There are serious alternatives to standardized testing, such as portfolio-based assessments that allow teachers to better evaluate, and therefore improve, a student's strengths and weakness. Additionally, portfolios give colleges the opportunity to review a student’s best work, his or her creativity and his or her style — components that testing either eliminates or severely restrains because of time limits and the type of material students are tested on.
How can standardized testing, a practice so intertwined with the Unites States education system, be changed? With the 2012 presidential election looming, Americans have a chance to vote for the politician who best represents his or her interests. Each American needs to vote with a patriotic responsibility and the pride of knowing which education policies, such a standardized testing, they can improve or eliminate altogether.
Brittany Kealy
freshman, English and education


On Sept. 30, I found out someone does not have any respect for the buildings and sidewalks around Washington State University. Graffiti is sometimes considered art, but where it is placed sometimes ruins the art behind the graffiti. The blame comes down to those who think they should place paint and cover beautifully placed structures.
Now, if this was done by a Coug, their shame is well known. Not only have you hurt your fellow Cougs, you have made expenditures to WSU. This will affect upgrades and pension as our university is on a tight budget. If this graffiti came from an outsider, why bother wasting travel money and paint cans to put up a message at a campus that you never will attend? You could have written your messages on paper or a flat surface you bought from a local store and carried it with you.
Who would put their mark on historical buildings and known sidewalks? Some person who does not have any friends and is lonely? Or a person who thinks they are smart and wants to send a message to everyone, but does not plan out how? You know there is a place for graffiti in the Fine Arts building. Did you ever ask where is the appropriate place for graffiti?
I do not see a message. I see a spineless person who acts like a elementary school dropout. This is clearly vandalism and the person who did it has plenty of holes in their brain. Could you not find other ways of communication which will make you look like a legitimate college student?
I challenge you to defend yourself for your actions. You call your graffiti art? I have seen graffiti that will blow your mind and they are mostly in Fine Arts building.

Jason Gross
senior, geology

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