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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 9
Published 11/9/2012 6:00:00 AM
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Columnist shows real potential in writing


I just want to let you know how much I liked The Daily Evergreen opinion piece on Monday about climate change. It was informative, well researched and very well written. When I read that Tanner was a freshman, I had to write to give him particular kudos. I hope that we’ll read much more of his work during his time at WSU.

Karen Weathermon, Ph.D.

Director of Learning Communities


Columnist needs a more realistic perspective


In Ashley Fisher's Thursday column titled "America doomed to endure four more years of economic turmoil and bad foreign policy," she referred to this past Election Day as "one of the worst days in American history."

Really, worse than Aug. 24, 1813, when the British burned Washington D.C. to the ground during the War of 1812?

Worse than Sept. 17, 1862, when more than 20,000 Americans lost their lives during the Battle of Antietam, one of the single bloodiest days in American history?

Worse than Oct. 29, 1929, Black Tuesday, when the U.S. stock market suffered its most devastating crash in its history, signaling the beginning of the Great Depression?

Worse than Pearl Harbor, the beginning of America's struggle in the bloodiest war the world has yet seen?

Worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis on October 1962, which brought the world to the very edge of nuclear annihilation?

Worse than Sept. 11, 2001?

Ms. Fisher is certainly entitled to her views and opinions, but I can only cordially suggest she might want to take a few history courses here at WSU. I suspect her resulting wiser sense of perspective might help put her mind to ease. Regardless of one's opinions of President Barack Obama, this country has survived terrible things and only come out stronger for it. I suspect we'll hang in there for a good while still.

Thomson Mason Fisher

Graduate Student, Environmental Science

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