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Letters the Editor 10/10
Published 10/10/2011
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WSU has witnessed dramatic changes this year starting with the budget cuts and ending with the largest freshman class ever. What has not changed is the number of buses circulating through the Pullman campus every day. Logically, you would expect that because the number of students increased, so would the buses. But that is not the case.

The limitation of bus availability creates a major issue for many students. We wait for buses for a long time. When one arrives, guess what? It is out of service. Why? Because the bus is full.

WSU or Pullman Transit should provide better and more improved services to the WSU students and Pullman residents. We, the students, pay transportation fees every semester. We should be provided with a much better service.

Sarah Debbek
sophomore, linguistics


I am a smoker, but I recognize that most people at WSU are not. Most smokers are only smoking in corners or far away from public buildings. However, it is impossible not to cause harm by smoking in an open area. We are always smoking in front of someone else, even if it is in a very remote place, because the university is too crowded.

This is a big problem for everybody at this university. Our university should build some smoking rooms instead of just the designated outside area around ashtrays. In Japan, most of the outside smoking areas have glass coverings. It can separate the environment between smoker and non-smoker, so people will not have to worry about second-hand smoke, and smokers can smoke without any concern. Also, building the smoking rooms will not cost very much, in relation to the strife between smokers and non-smokers. I hope the university can build something along these lines to make everybody happier.

Ko Nishimura
sophomore, interior design


WSU should be concerned about the safety of bicyclists on campus. It is convenient for us to ride our bicycles to go to school. But sometimes we find bicycles are not as safe as cars, because the environment is not suitable for cycling and accidents with cars are always worse for the bicyclist than driver.

Another problem is riding in the evening. It is hard to see them at night. According to this, I recommend WSU provide bicyclists a special road rather than share with the sidewalk. It would be better for bicyclists. As for riding at night, the bicyclist can install the alarm light on the bicycle to alarm the drivers.

There are more and more autos in Pullman now, and accidents between drivers and riders will likely increase. Safety is dependent on both, but maybe WSU can make the riders and drivers become more careful.

Yuyang Wu
sophomore, civil engineering


I read the news article titled "WSU professors to play music together tonight," which was published on Sept. 29. I feel lucky that we have a chance to listen to world class musicians playing classical music. Also, the live show during Cougfest featured three bands with really impressive performances. Compared with classical music, we cannot deny that modern music is more wildly accepted by college students. Rock, metal, hip-hop and techno are the types of music that students really want to hear. However, it is hard to find an official organization for these genres of music at WSU.

As an international student and a keyboard player, I really hope that I have a chance to learn, to play and to feel the music with other people. This is not only for doing something that I am really interested in, but also it is a great opportunity to communicate with others and to learn about new cultures.

Unfortunately, there is no such organization at WSU that allows students to do these things. I checked almost every student organization on CougSync, and I cannot find an organization for students who are looking to form a band. However, I found many WSU students who are looking for a band or seeking band members on Craigslist.

I was surprised by the number of students who are capable of playing different types of music using different instruments. Just think about it, if there are many different types of bands established by students, we can have many concerts on campus which could be a great way to relax after our heavy-duty studying. We could use these bands to perform concerts for raising funds for charities or the school. Why can't we organize these musicians in an official music club at WSU and bring more music and fun for Cougars?

Yanning Zhang
junior, material science and engineering

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