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Letters to the editor 9/20
Published 9/20/2011
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Students should pay attention in class and respect each other


The semester is three weeks old as I write this (you will probably call it a rant) letter. We are approaching the first set of midterm exams. Like most of the students here at WSU, I have a great deal of time and effort invested in getting good grades and am determined to succeed. I am both appalled and amazed at the lack of courtesy being shown in classrooms not only to each other as students, but to professors during class lectures. We all know that class sizes are large. This means that we can't all sit down front in order to better understand the material. This is further exacerbated for those of us who must traverse a large portion of the campus in the ten minutes between classes and cannot get there early enough to jump into one of the "good seats." Just because we are not down front doesn't mean that we aren't making an effort to listen to the lecture and understand the material. I don't care about your plans for this weekend or how your boyfriend/girlfriend disrespected you last night at the club. Do the rest of us a favor and shut up and allow us to hear and pay attention to the lecture. We have all paid to be here. If you are not interested or have something more important to discuss, do it somewhere else. By gossiping and shooting the s*** during the lecture, you are disrespecting everyone else in the room. Class attendance is your choice. If you choose to be there, you are obviously interested (or maybe obligated). Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and be quiet while the professor is speaking. The reason the professor does most of the speaking in a college classroom is because he/she is the one who has the knowledge. Very few people can learn whilst running off at the mouth.

George Crum
junior, mechanical engineering



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