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Letters the Editor 9/13
Letters to the Editor 9/13
Published 9/13/2011
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I am writing in response to Ms. Michelle Kistler's opinion of students choosing their own name is not racist. I agree that the act itself is not racist since it involves only one party, the student. However, I believe if that act was encouraged, actively or passively, by another party then it is racist no matter how you look at it. Mr. Desai's column seems to condemn the act of approving the name change through not trying to get to know another student's real name. This is a valid point and as an international student, I think this altitude is real and prevalent everyday in WSU. An instant example: I consistently never get my name called out when my food is ready when waiting for dining services while other students with more "conventional" names got alert loudly and clearly whenever their food is ready. I can only speak for myself here, but I really don't care if you pronounce my name incorrectly, I care if you give it a try.


Trung Nguyen 

international graduate student, mechanical engineering


On Sept. 12, you ran an opinion piece arguing that it would be wrong to include the Ground Zero Cross in the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. Specifically, the column claims that "the inclusion of this cross to the exclusion of non-Christian displays would distort the true history of our nation’s suffering" by implying that Christians suffered more than non-Christians.

First, nobody is suggesting that the museum exclude non-Christian displays.

Second, no sophisticated observer would conclude that Christians suffered more or mattered more simply because they happened to acquire the biggest physical artifact to represent their resolve in the face of terrorism.

Third, the column contradicted itself. The column claimed that "It would be entirely inappropriate to exclude something of real historical value from a museum for any reason," and then went on to give reasons why the cross, which the author apparently concedes to have real historical value, should be excluded from the museum. 

Fourth, it's a museum. Most major public museums successfully house religious artifacts without promoting the religions that produced those artifacts. One of the primary purposes of a memorial and of a history museum is to display artifacts that tell stories. The Ground Zero Cross can tell a story about a response to the September 11 attacks, and it can do so without promoting the Christian religion or excluding other religions. 

That cross belongs in a museum.

Dale Grauman

WSU writing instructor


I want to thank the people who worked so hard to get the flashing crosswalk signs installed on campus this year.  Those blinking amber lights certainly get my attention as I drive on Stadium Way, which is their intended purpose. 

What I would like all the pedestrians to remember is that you need to push the button on the pole before you cross the street (yes, even in broad daylight and especially when the sun is in the eyes of drivers in the early morning or late afternoon). This excellent new safety feature only works if you use it – day or night.

Susan Bentjen

Coordinator, Ag. Research Center

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