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Letter to the Editor: Supporting the right to a conscience
Published 2/7/2013 6:00:00 AM
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In her letter to the editor, Nikkole Hughes encourages readers to support the Reproductive Parity Act, which would require all insurance carriers to provide abortion coverage as part of maternity care. Hughes argues that to preserve women’s rights, we need to curtail the rights of others.

Some health carriers have moral objections to abortion. They believe that abortion isn’t about women’s rights as much as the right to life. Those who wish to promote the well-being of children do not support their destruction through abortion.

The RPA assumes that abortion is part of a basic maternity care health plan, but abortion is the exact opposite of maternity care. It prevents motherhood. Abortion isn’t about reproduction at all, but about preventing reproduction. The RPA isn’t really about parity: it’s about enforcing a single viewpoint about pregnancy, children, and the nature of motherhood.

They hold a viewpoint that not everyone shares, and people shouldn’t be forced to agree. Some believe that it is right to help a woman become a mother, but that doesn’t mean that they think it is right to help other women eliminate their unborn children.

Why should insurance carriers be forced to violate their own consciences and support something they might believe is morally wrong? Why can’t they promote motherhood rather than artificial sterility?

Support the right to have a conscience. Tell your legislators to vote down SB 5009 and HB 1044.

Peter Klosterman
WSU Math Instructor



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