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Letter to the Editor: Keep corporations from buying democracy
Published 3/7/2013 6:00:00 AM
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In the landmark 2010 case Citizens United v. FEC, the Roberts Court ruled that corporations and unions have the inherent right to spend money in our elections. This ruling and other related cases led to the rise of super PACs, or political action committees. In the 2012 federal election cycle, Super PACs received over $100,000,000 from business corporations.

Corporations are not people. Despite their contributions to society, they are not actually members of it. They do not have a right to vote or to run for office, and they cannot be given unlimited power to influence elections. The Citizens United decision did not support free speech; it mocked it. We need to restore the balance and protect free speech and democracy for the people of this country.

HJM 4001 is a resolution currently in the Washington Legislature that calls upon Congress to send the states a constitutional amendment that would grant Congress and the states the authority to regulate election spending. This would mean that billionaires, corporations, and special interests couldn’t buy our democracy.

Constitutional amendments are warranted in only the most extreme circumstances. This is one of them. Restore democracy and support HJM 4001.

For more information about the movement to overturn Citizens United and related cases, please visit

Jeremy Reynoso

graduate student, College of Education

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