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Letter to the Editor: Booze, Sex and Reality Checks discourages responsibility
Published 3/21/2013 6:00:00 AM
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Booze, Sex, and Reality Checks, a program all first-year freshmen underwent at the start of the year, highlighted the rules of the high-tide game concerning the college party culture. Its primary mission: to educate new, young students about the limits and risks of alcohol and sex.

Additionally, the program instilled that not everyone shared a common interest in the wild life. Despite its good intention, the program may have provided false confidence to inexperienced youth intrigued by the new prospects of freedom.

The program mitigated the potential consequences associated with drinking and risky sexual behavior. For instance, the lecturers focused on safe drinking habits, but failed to emphasize the lawful ramifications of underage drinking. Likewise, statistics were provided about the sexual habits of WSU college students, but little was mentioned concerning the still-present chance of STD transmission, emotional consequences, or possible future regrets.

At its heart, Booze, Sex, and Reality Checks presented a willful desire to help incoming students, but minimized the notion that responsibility is also packaged with newfound freedom. I appreciate its intention, but its neutral overtone concerning college recreation may possibly condone, inadvertently so, the very same behavior it is trying to prevent.

Michelle Chan

freshman animal science

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