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Letter: The soldier of the Stadium
Published 11/13/2012 6:00:00 AM
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My son and I are avid hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. We and every hunter I know love and respect wild animals of all kinds, and like to kill and eat them, too. I don’t know if it’s our ancestral roots or what that makes us passionate about hunting. We celebrate and honor the animals we kill and consume. We are also stewards of the outdoors and ‘leave no sign’ in the places where we hunt and camp.

Thanks again for the article. If we can somehow educate the anti-hunting folk that hunting is actually beneficial to all concerned, maybe there is hope for extending the hunting season. In the meantime, after my venison and other game has gone from the freezer this winter I will shop carefully to avoid hormone-treated over-the-counter consumer meat. Of course, these animals weren’t slaughtered; they just showed up in the meat section nicely packaged.

Go Cougs!

Ken Uddenberg

Alumnus Class of ‘84


The Soldier of the Stadium

As I sit in this stadium the fans all roar, while their players battle for just a little more.

We sit in the sun, all of us together, to watch this American game

But what none of us seem to consider is who really deserves all of the fame.

It's not the man who got the sac, nor is it the one who ran it all the way back.

It's the ones who made our lives possible

Those that try to remain silent and in-audible.

That flag of red white and blue flies high and I am reminded of the soldier.

He fights in some far off land amidst the sands and boulders.

He is fighting for me, due to some government plea.

He doesn't even know me, or my brothers or my family, but he lays his life on the line;

as though his own family were mine.

His free time is spent gun shelling.

Ours is spent cheering and yelling.

He dedicates himself to a higher purpose,

while we are merely a mob living in surplus.

He is the shield and the sword of our nation.

Yet none of us realize it is he who deserves our appreciation.

For him life is certainly not just a game,

Let us stop for a moment and praise his true fame.

Thanks to our soldiers and veterans

Jared Files, Sophomore pre-denistry and business major

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