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Grilled peaches and cream makes for a refreshing summer dessert
Published 7/17/2013 6:00:00 AM
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'Tis the season to be grilling.

We only get a few socially accepted months a year to partake in this activity. If you haven't already, it's time to fire up those coals or buddy up with someone who can.

It's customary to think about meat or vegetables going onto the grill, both having the potential to be uniquely flavored from the process. However, fruit can go on the grill, too.

Grilling fruit brings out its natural sugars. It's like making caramelized onions; I don't necessarily like raw onions, but after cooking them, they magically become a sweetened pile of vegetable.

Peaches are a popular summertime fruit and are great for grilling, due to their refreshing flavor. My first time throwing fruit onto the barbecue was worth it in the end.

For this recipe, the sweet yet tart flavor of peaches are complimented by a slightly sweet cream filling, offering a summery twist on the classic peaches and cream.

What you'll need:

4 fresh peaches, halved and pitted
1 cup whipped cream cheese
1/2 cup clover honey, or what's needed to sweeten the cream cheese
1 tablespoon vegetable oil (or another type of oil, such as coconut)

First you'll want to heat up the grill. Aim for medium heat.

For the cream, mix 1 cup of whipped cream cheese and ½ cup clover honey. This will create a sweetened filling similar to that of cheesecake, only softer and not set up.

When halving the peaches, hold the peach right side up and look for the slight indent of the flesh. You'll want to cut along this line; otherwise, your pit will be going back into the peach instead of being parallel with it. This will ruin your halves.

To prepare the peaches for grilling, brush oil lightly on the pit side. I used coconut oil because I wanted to give a little more of a dimension to this dessert by using a different base.

Once this is done, put the oiled side onto the grill for five minutes. You're looking for those classic grill marks on the peach, so don't be picking them up and moving them around too much. They will be soft and warm.

Bigger peaches will take longer, and the slight sweetness of the filling will go much better with a ripe peach than one that isn't quite ready. Choose your specimens carefully, whether it's at the grocery store or the farmers market.

Turn the peaches over and dollop the cream mixture over the grill marks, leaving it over the fire to heat up the filling, and it's ready to serve.

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