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Don’t be down if you are spending V-Day alone
Don't just celebrate romance this Valentine's Day. Show those important people you care.
Published 2/14/2012
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Valentine's Day is the perfect day to show those special people in your life how important they are. Whether you find yourself 'single,' 'in a relationship' or 'it's complicated,'Valentine's Day doesn't have to illicit only feelings of mushy romance or anxiety in the fact you might be stuck with Ben, Jerry and a house full of cats. 

Anyone who steps into Walmart is immediately pelted with the scent of chocolate wafting from several aisles of sugar. Giant cards tower over their average holiday counterparts, not to mention almost life-size plush toys hoping to find their way into your shopping cart. For those trying to make Valentine's Day extra romantic, there are even synthetic rose petals to shower your loved one in.

My guy, while he's cute most of the time, isn't too sure about what to do with Valentine's Day, so usually I'm the one to plan something. For this holiday of love, while cruising through aisles in Walmart, I decided the best way to approach today was with humor.

I bought a giant gift card that I plan to throw stickers and glitter at. My roommate and I, after digging through plush, found the perfect prank gift: a sparkly unicorn.

If you have a significant other and want to stare at each other over a candle-lit dinner then Pullman has many things to offer.

The Italian restaurant, Basilio's, or a place like Paradise Creek Brewery will do the trick. Both of these places have plenty of ambiance with their interior design, lighting and good food. For college students, the best part is the price. While you do pay for the mood, meals are not outrageously priced at either of these restaurants.

If you are afraid that you'll be stuck in your apartment with your cat, Pickles, you still shouldn't spend this holiday down in the dumps. This day is still about one thing: love. So unless you're completely incapable of loving anyone besides a romantic interest, there is still something in today for you. 

Show best friends how much you care. Go out for coffee or lunch and talk about something completely out of the norm, other than being alone. To the college students: send a card back home or call your family to let them know you appreciate everything they've done for you. Make something special for those younger siblings who still get a kick out of today.

My point is don't let yourself be consumed by the negativity of Valentine's Day alternate form: Single's Awareness Day. Today doesn't have to suck, you just have to look at it in a different light. Love is love. It doesn't have to be mushy.

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