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Dempster takes a stand
Published 8/22/2013 11:00:00 AM
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Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster spoke for everyone when he launched a fastball at Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez Sunday night, and the message was loud and clear: I do not like how you are handling the appeals process, and I do not like what you stand for as a player in this game.

In a battle of good versus evil, Dempster stood up for what is right in baseball.

Rodriguez calmly walked to home plate for his first at-bat of the evening to face the Boston Red Sox starter. Boos erupted from the Fenway faithful, as everyone voiced their displeasure for Rodriguez. As he dug into the batter’s box, he was greeted by four straight inside fastballs, the last of which was high and tight, nailing him on the left elbow.

Dempster should be applauded for what he did to Rodriguez. With the sequence of pitches Dempster threw, he was blatantly aiming for Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is a very unlikeable guy and he stands for everything that baseball is trying to get rid of. He represents dishonesty, cheating the in game of baseball, and being a self-centered player.

Baseball is known as America’s pastime and is held to a higher standard than other sports. Baseball should be an honest sport, one where all players are on equal ground when it comes to competing against one another and Rodriguez has placed himself above all those morals. By throwing at Rodriguez, Dempster took matters into his own hands and served as a symbol for everything right in baseball.

Rodriguez has been let off the hook time and time again, so someone sending him a message and standing up against what he represents was bound to happen eventually.

Some penalties were dealt out by the league for what took place Sunday night. The penalties, however, were laughable.

Dempster was suspended five games without missing pay, and a $2,500 fine, according to That amount of money to a guy making over $13 million this season is just spare change. The five-game suspension was another joke, considering he will not miss his next start.

On the other hand, Yankees manager Joe Girardi was fined $5,000 for simply arguing with home plate umpire Brian O’Nora for not ejecting Dempster.

The fact that Dempster’s penalty was extremely minimal reinforces the idea that everyone and their mothers are against Rodriguez.

Dempster stood up for what he and millions of others believe in. His attempt to send a message to better a cause bigger than himself is an important value everyone should strive for.

Although Rodriguez was awarded first base because of the hit by a pitch, let us hope it is the last time he gets a free pass in baseball.



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