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Come back Cougs: An ode to redemption
Published 11/27/2012 7:00:00 AM
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Come back Cougs

Listen, football fans, and you shall hear the biggest comeback game of Apple Cup years. It was the 23 day in the month of November on a Friday afternoon, Cougs long will remember.

A new coach, a new season; we had lots of pride when Mike Leach was chosen to lead us to new highs.

We said to each other, “no more will they say, another game was lost when we Couged-it today.”

One win over Eastern, another over UNLV, it was a season of many unachieved victories. Zero and eight in the conference was not a great way to start to build a new program and play with a new heart.

But one game remained, to finish the season and no pep talk was needed to give us a reason to play with great passion and get that one win against the bowl-bound Huskies, our in-state kin.

Travis Long was out, with a busted-up knee. So the team was inspired to give him victory. For those who attended this farm-town school the player to lead them was senior Jeff Tuel.

Before things got started, the Dawgs saw their chance and assembled on the Coug logo for a pre-game dance. And after three quarters with an 18-point lead another Apple Cup victory they thought they achieved.

But rivalries are where our history is bred and the Comeback Cougs rallied by keeping their head.

A long catch by Myers, and Furney’s big kick, in overtime the momentum was starting to shift.

UW had their chances, but missed their field goal and Keith Price was picked off by Kalafitoni Pole.

And when the game was finished no alum will forget, on this season finale, it was the Dawgs who “Couged-it.”

Pat Haley

WSU Alumnus 1993

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