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Choirs take stage one last time
Published 4/19/2013 6:00:00 AM
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The Madrigal Chamber Singers, the Concert Choir and the University Singers will take the stage together for one last performance this year.

Lori Wiest, a professor of music and conductor for the Madrigals and Concert Choir, said the group will sing music conveying themes they’ve been working with all semester.

“Their music actually will be music from the Renaissance, in English, so it'll be madrigals based on various kinds of love and comparing that to modern day,” she said. “It was the pop music of its time.”

On top of having music from the past, the Madrigals will be performing an arrangement of the Beatles song, “Can't Buy Me Love.”

The Concert Choir will follow, singing about journeys. Their music will involve singing in conversation with each other, as well as circular singing.

“We're doing a lot of language this time,” Wiest said. “In vocal music, language is a big thing. We're singing in Latin, Japanese, Finnish, Italian, French, German and English.”

Dean Luethi, assistant professor of music and conductor of University Singers, said they will be performing five pieces. These pieces will convey a sense of nature.

When organizing his portion of the performance, Luethi placed the two German pieces first as they are the oldest. After, he will be performing a piece called “The Pasture,” a piece he described as having a slower tempo. The pieces will then progress to faster, more upbeat tempos.

“There's sort of a natural flow to how (the concert) ends,” he said.

The music for the last song is tough due to its tempo. A section in their fourth song, “The Water is Wide” splits into eight parts, and learning German for the first two songs are some of the challenges Luethi said the group faced while preparing for this concert.

Nick Wilson, assistant conductor for the University Singers, will be conducting “The Pasture.” He has been using these opportunities to give him experience for after graduation, he said.

“I'm a broad endorsement music ed. major, which means I can do choral or instrumental music K-12,” he said. “Getting a good amount of basis in choral conducting, I thought, was really important for me.”

Luethi said this finale will show people the diversity WSU School of Music provides with their choirs.

“There is a choir for everyone,” he said.

The free performance will be in Bryan Hall Theatre at 8 p.m. tonight.

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