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Budget Myths
By Kaitlin Gillespie
Published 8/19/2011
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Three myths you may be encountering on campus

With the recent tuition hike and the giant freshman class, a few myths have been spreading around campus. The Daily Evergreenhas dispelled some of the most popular ones heard so far.

Myth: Students are sleeping in army beds in the Stephenson Complex, left without a place to sleep, in a “refugee camp” state.

The truth: Director of Housing Services Bob Tattershall confirmed: It’s false. There is no refugee camp in the Stephenson Complex. While there are beds in the computer lab prepared in case there are students who do not have a dorm, the beds have not been filled. He said it was a “precautionary” measure.

Myth: We’re not getting our financial aid until November. There’s no money, and no one can pay for school.

The truth: Director of the Office of Financial Aid Chio Flores has confirmed that all students who submitted their paperwork on time will see their financial aid on time.

Myth: The freshman class is dumb. WSU has dropped its standards due to the financial crisis and is now letting anyone with a face onto the campus.

The truth: Not quite. Darin Watkins, executive director of external communication, said last year 69 percent of freshmen had a high school GPA of 3.44, and he is expecting 2011’s freshmen to have an average GPA of 3.38. This freshmen class is huge, though. There are about 4,200 new students on campus.



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